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Your family’s health has always been our top priority. We have been concerned about the health effects of cleaning products well before green was trendy. In fact, we’re so eco-friendly you could call us the Green Cleaning Machine.

We carefully selected and balanced the use of green and traditional products for environmental safety and effectiveness, in order to provide health-friendly house cleaning services. We strive to refrain from using conventional products that have the potential of polluting interior and outdoor surfaces, air and water.


When the Total Home Cleaning started in 2004, we were one of the few companies in the country concerned about the adverse effects of cleaning products. We led the way in the use of Green Seal Certified products. This was before the big guys started certifying themselves green. Cleaning Products and Services is one of the major categories of Green Seal Certification, and that’s because much of the pollution of air and water emanate from toxicity from within our homes. EPA pollutant assessments determine there is more air pollution inside a typical building than outside in most communities. A 2016 study reported in the journal Science of the Total Environment concluded that “the air we breathe indoors if often more polluted than that outside.”

Toxins commonly found in American homes, science has confirmed, will accumulate in the human body and are proven to cause various chronic diseases and have been linked to everything from asthma to cancer.

Our goal has always been to deliver the healthiest and most effective cleaning, that is why we continue to do some things differently:

We combine the use of green products and traditional products. Most of our cleaning is Green Seal Certified except in sinks, tubs, and toilets where conventional products are more effective at sanitizing and scrubbing. Germs and bacteria are particularly abundant in the bathroom, and if the cleaning products don’t remove them, they remain a home health threat.

We use professional vacuums for better air quality. Did you know that many vacuums often return dust and germs they pick up back into the air of your home? That’s not good if you have an allergy and these emitted germs and bacteria have been shown to contribute to asthma and general breathing problems. Fortunately, the industry has responded and an increasing number of vacuum cleaners have better filter systems. We use vacuums that are equipped with an advanced ProLevel Filtration system that captures many asthma triggers and other harmful particles, leaving behind healthier air.

Our methods focus on stopping germs from spreading from one area to another, as well as something most house cleaning services might not consider— carrying germs, bacteria and pollutants from one home to another. The flu, colds and other communicable illnesses are often encamped on surfaces in our homes. They are spread easily enough without being brought into your home by a cleaning crew.

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