Health-Friendly House Cleaning


Health Friendly NJ House Cleaning Company

Your family’s health has always been our first priority. Before green was trendy, we were concerned about the health effects of cleaning products. We carefully selected and balanced the use of green and traditional products for environmental safety and effectiveness, in order to provide health friendly house cleaning services.

We help protect your family’s health and indoor air quality

When the company started in 2004, we were one of the few companies in the country concerned about the adverse effects of cleaning products. We led the way in the use of Green Seal Certified products. This was before the big guys started certifying themselves green.

Our goal has always been to been to deliver the healthiest and most effective clean, that why we continue to do some things differently:

  • We combine the use of green products and traditional products. Most of our cleaning is Green Seal Certified except in sinks, tubs, and toilets where traditional products are more effective at sanitizing and scrubbing.
  • We use professional vacuums for better air quality.
  • Our methods focus on stopping germs from spreading from one area or home to another.

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