You’ve had to move into another part of the house during home renovation or maybe you’ve had to move out altogether— temporarily, though it seems like a lifetime. It’s an inconvenience, of course, but at least, you know you will be moving back into expanded or remodeled quarters with improvements to which you’ve long been looking forward. Now, you tell yourself, you can get back to a normal routine on your own turf.

However, after the building contractor’s crew is gone, you discover that you’ve got some other new stuff to deal with and none of it may be considered home improvement. You look around and see dust— lots and lots of dust— not only in every corner and crevice but covering just about every exposed surface like a fine blanket.

Post-construction house cleaning is one of our specialties at Total Home Cleaning.  We go the proverbial extra mile to make sure your recent home renovation doesn’t turn into a post-construction nightmare. Dust is not the only villain, because grease, paint splatter, glue gunk and grime are often the residue of the activity and equipment that come with a remodeling or an addition.

Your furniture, area rugs and other furnishings are often moved here and there away from the action, perhaps protected by plastic sheeting, and who knows what else is being tracked around. 

Don’t succumb to the post-construction blues in the wake of what should be a home improvement milestone. Our cleanup checklist takes into consideration just about anything that will collect or absorb dust, dirt and other remnants of construction. Vacuuming and wet and dry wipe downs are standard. And then there are the extras that make our post-construction cleanup so effective.

Those extras include…

  • Bringing in specially trained teams who know what to look for and the cleaning solutions for every kind of impurity the may remain after construction
  • Using vacuums fitted with HEPA filters with efficiency standards to prevent the spread of bacteria and other organisms and pollutants through the air
  • Multiple vacuuming even on hard surfaces before wiping
  • Cleaning surfaces and other exposed areas with special tacky cloths before damp wiping
  • Detailing chandeliers and other intricate fixtures, including blades on ceiling fans

We checklist and clean every exposed surface of dust, including all woodwork such as baseboards, window sills and molding; closet shelving; inside cabinetry; metal fixtures; wiping walls as needed; light fixtures; fans, and inside appliances. We’ll make sure that carpets get extra vacuuming attention and linoleum, wood and tile are vacuumed and mopped.