Window Cleaning Services

WINDOWS: Let the Sun Shine in!

Our professionals at Total Home Cleaning will happily help you let the sun shine in, because cleaning all those panes in your windows can be a real pain.

Windows bring sunshine into your home and life and provide a view of the outside world. Dirty windows may not block the sunshine, but when the sun shines through they merely remind you how dirty your windows are. As for that view of the outside world, grime, grease, dirt and dust can ruin that too.

Cleaning the windows of your house is never a popular chore, because a typical house with between 15 and 20 standard windows and maybe one or two classic picture windows may require the good part of a day to do inside and outside. It might even consume a weekend when you’ve got better things to do with your leisure time. Then, after it’s all done, all you see are the streaks. There has got to be a better way.

A typical house window is roughly two-by-five feet and a picture window customarily is five-by-eight feet or six-by-seven, and that’s a lot of square footage on both sides to keep squeaky clean when you start counting your windows. Believe it or not, you could be cleaning in the neighborhood of 350 to 400 square feet of windows in a typical house.

We wash car windows all the time, but somehow conveniently forget to do the same with our house windows. Keep those curtains drawn and it might help you forget. Then again that pretty much defeats the purpose of having windows, doesn’t it?

If you are already a house cleaning client of ours, it is easy to add windows to the list of things we’re already doing for you. If you don’t rely on us as a cleaning service for your entire home, you’ll want to give us a call to do so after talking to some of our clients. We can do inside and outside windows as long as they tilt in and we can do them from the inside. The good news is that it probably is not a job that we’ll have to do every time we come around, but it will depend on the dust, smoke and dirt inside and outside.

Remember that people who live in glass houses have more views to enjoy and more windows to clean.

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