Our customers say...

we make their lives better!

It’s one thing for us to say we are great at what we do, it’s quite another when our clients say it! Take a look at some testimonials from Total Home Cleaning’s valued clients.


Your cleaning staff are very thorough and consistently do an excellent job of cleaning my home. I also appreciate the flexibility you have with scheduling. Whenever I’ve had a conflict with my regularly scheduled cleaning date, you have been very accommodating and have scheduled my house for another day.



It’s fast… eco-friendly… always reliable!


I like that you bring your own products, and that they are environmentally friendly. Any other cleaning service that I’ve ever dealt with has been rather difficult to deal with in terms of scheduling. People were always getting sick and asking to reschedule or bringing their kids along with them. Having a cleaning service is supposed to make your life easier, not more complicated. Total Home Cleaning definitely makes my life easier.



Green products, English-speaking, careful workers.


Bonded and Insured

The natural organic products, the fact that there are 3 girls who come in and get things done quickly, they’re bonded and insured and I am mostly always happy with the results.



Our family of 2 adults, 1 toddler and 3 large dogs has been using Total Home Cleaning for over a year(bi weekly) and I couldn’t recommend them enough. They are so accommodating and have always done the best job.


Saving Time

I am taking the time to put in writing how pleased I am with Total Home Cleaning. Writing reviews is not something I do often. After relocating to Summit four years ago we tried quite a few cleaning services and finally found a service that truly takes pride in their work. They make it a pleasure to come home to a clean house. My husband and I are busy with work and our three children. So, as you can imagine time spent on cleaning is time better spent with our little ones. Our house is quite large and I think Total Home Cleaning does such a great job because they are so detail oriented. Ines, takes pride in making sure the teams that have cleaned our house do it exceptionally well. With my previous cleaning service I was constantly leaving notes to remind them of certain tasks they were missing. The maids assigned to my home, always do the extra little things that show they really care …


Having a large family with 3 boys and pets, it was essential that the company I hire be detailed and thorough. The fact that they use eco friendly products was icing on the cake. What originally drew my attention to Total Home Cleaning were the reviews that they have on service magic. What I have found is that the ladies and young men that work for Total Home Cleaning are very hard working individuals. The first time they came to my home they did a complete transformation. They cleaned areas that we had completely overlooked. We have an older home with solid wood floors and I have to say that they have never looked better. I look forward to the days when  Total Home Cleaning comes and makes our home sparkle. I would recommend Total Home Cleaning to anyone in need of a good quality cleaning.


Excellent Work

Everything in our home seems to sparkle after Total Home Cleaning cleans our house. They do an excellent job.