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Some of our clients are surprised to learn about the ways a maid service can make their lives easier, which is what we’re all about. For instance, while we don’t run clothes through the washer and dryer, we will, take the sting out of laundry day by folding clothes and sheets.

A recent survey conducted by Procter & Gamble, a manufacturer of household cleaning products, revealed the chores respondents said they disliked the most. Topping the list was cleaning the bathroom, which is something we do in our basic house cleaning. Others making the most unpopular chores list are no surprise: vacuuming, washing the floors and doing the laundry. Of course, we do about two-and-a-half of those three, with a helpful assist in the laundry department as noted above. As for the other one to make the top five of hated household chores— doing the dishes— yes, we can help with that too. Breakfast dishes are standard and additional dish washing will cost a little more but knocks it off the dread list for you.

House cleaning is simply what is says— cleaning parts of the house. Those parts of the house may not necessarily be attached for example, furniture, fixtures and furnishings that come and go. Yet we believe that there are extras we can do for you that may not strictly fit the definition of house cleaning. For instance, books on shelves and pictures and paintings on the walls.

When we look at it as housework, it becomes much more than a chore.

Columnist Erma Bombeck captured the essence of what many people think of housework when she wrote: “My theory on housework is, if the item doesn’t multiply, smell, catch on fire or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one cares. Why should you?”

With apologies to Bombeck, we work hard at housecleaning and we enjoy making life simpler for you.

Here are other ways we can simplify your life…

  • Wash windows inside
  • Wash walls and ceilings when needed
  • Empty, wipe, and replace books and items on shelves
  • Empty, wipe, and replace items inside cabinets and/or hutches, including knickknacks and decorative pieces
  • Remove shoes and other items stored in closets; then vacuum and replace those items
  • Clean inside medicine cabinets when authorized to do so
  • Vacuum drapes whose fabrics may collect or absorb dirt, dust and impurities
  • Clean those ornate and intricate chandeliers and lighting fixtures as well as ceiling fan blades
  • Remove ashes from fireplace
  • Clean inside oven with an advisory to please run self-cleaning ovens the night before
  • Clean inside refrigerator, removing and returning items inside
  • Clean inside cabinets and pantries
  • Clean garage, patios and barbecue grills
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