Laundry Folding Services & More

NJ Laundry Folding Service

There is more we can do for you than you may think

Some of our clients are surprised to learn about the ways we can make their life easier, which is what we’re all about. While we don’t run clothes through the washer and dryer, we can take the sting out of laundry by folding clothes and sheets. Here are other ways we can simplify your life…

  • Wash windows inside
  • Wash walls and ceilings
  • Empty, wipe, and replace books and items on shelves
  • Empty, wipe, and replace items inside cabinets and/or hutches
  • Remove shoes, etc. from closets, vacuum, and replace
  • Clean inside medicine chests
  • Vacuum drapes
  • Clean ornate chandeliers
  • Remove ashes from fireplace
  • Clean inside oven (please run self-cleaners the night before)
  • Clean inside refrigerator
  • Clean inside cabinets and pantries
  • Clean garage
  • Clean patio and barbecue grill

Call us at (908) 273-8774 or fill out our convenient online form for an estimate, and we’ll contact you shortly. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.