5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean and Organized

5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean and Organized

Does it seem like keeping your Basking Ridge, Morristown, or Summit home clean and organized is a never-ending battle? In between visits from your favorite house cleaning service in NJ, step up your defense against clutter and indoor dirt with these 5 simple tactics.

Develop a Daily Routine

Make organization a daily habit to keep your home neat.

  • Control small and frequently used items. Use hanging hooks to keep everything from electronics to scarves easily accessible. Place a basket or tray next to the front door to catch keys, incoming mail, and schoolwork.
  • Stick to a daily cleaning routine that covers all of your home’s hot spots. Give dishes, floors, and flat surfaces like tables priority. Even 15 minutes each day can decrease chaos in your environment.

These small actions add big comfort to your living experience.

Master the Art of Delegation

You don’t have to do it alone! Enlisted some assistance to keep your home looking it’s best.

  • Get biweekly deep cleanings from one of the house cleaning services in NJ. Professional cleaners take care of all the tasks you simply don’t have time to complete. Maintain your home with a simple daily cleaning schedule.
  • Create a chore chart to keep kids accountable for doing their part. Even small children can contribute to keeping the family home sanitary.
  • Make sure you’re stocked with paper towels, cleansers, and other tools so family members can clean their own mess. Having the right tools on hand eliminates excuses.

House cleaning services in NJ do more than wash windows. We can help you negotiate a huge pile of laundry, clear out overstuffed storage spaces, and clean your home after renovations.

Let us be your ally against dirt and disorder in your Maplewood, New Providence, or Short Hills home. Contact Total Home Cleaning to find how our window, post construction, move-in, and move-out house cleaning services in NJ can help you keep a cleaner home every day.