6 Breath-Easier Cleaning Tips for Allergies

6 Breath-Easier Cleaning Tips for Allergies

Allergies are no fun. The congestion, nasal irritation, and pressure headaches sap your energy and make it harder to get through the day. Luckily, there are some things you can do to control airborne allergens in your home. Use these cleaning tips for allergies to breathe easy, sleep better, and feel good throughout allergy season.

Catch the Dust

Keep outside dust and dirt to a minimum to clean indoor air of foreign pathogens.

– Encourage friends and family to remove their shoes before entering the living space. Most of the dust that enters our homes comes from our footwear. Store shoes in the entryway, on the porch, or another place that’s near the doorway to eliminate a big source of airborne allergens.

– Use a vacuum or dust mop to clean your floors at least twice a week. Heavy traffic areas may need more frequent attention. Pet dander and other fine particles embedded in carpet fibers become airborne every time someone walks over them. Give your upholstered furniture a quick once-over at the same time.

– Clean throw pillows, area rugs, and window coverings regularly. Toss small pillows in a warm dryer to kill off molds or other bacteria that might be hiding inside the stuffing. Take area rugs outside and shake or beat the dust from between the fibers. Launder window coverings according to the care label.

Reduce Foreign Irritants

Maintain a nasal-friendly living space with these cleaning tips for allergies.

– Skip the super-scented laundry additives and cleaning solutions. Imitation ingredients can trigger symptoms. Opt for fragrance-free products in your daily routines.

– Be careful with carpet cleaning. An improperly dried carpet makes the perfect home for molds and bacteria. Give carpets plenty of time for excess moisture to evaporate before replacing furniture.

– Get your home cleaned professionally once a week. A periodic professional cleaning is the best way to eliminate hidden sources of allergens in your home.

These cleaning tips for allergies will help you stay comfortable regardless of the season. Contact the cleaning experts at Total Home Cleaning for more personalized suggestions on reducing allergens in your Livingston, New Jersey home.