Cleaning Floors

The number one question we get related to products regards the treatment of wood floors. When we started we used vinegar and water, a traditional solution that we also liked because it was green. Months into the business, we consulted with an industry chemist to make sure we were doing the right thing. He recommended we give up vinegar and water. What was wrong with vinegar and water? As you may have guessed, the acidity is a bad combo with the surface. Our consulting chemist not only suggested going pH neutral but also stay away from one particular product on the market, the one with “oil soap” in the name. And remember, when it comes to floors “less is more”, as it relates to moisture. If you are cleaning your own floors a product like Bona or Bruce’s would be a good choice. We opt for a fully Green Seal Certified product that is pH neutral and that we can dilute in-house to avoid the plastic waste.