Disinfectant Foggers…

Disinfectant Foggers…

Foggers Help Protect Work Places From Threatening Biological Invaders

Oft-used counters and desktops in commercial settings and offices are obvious places for germs to congregate. Germs, which generically include viruses and bacteria, hitchhike rides on luggage, clothing, shoes, briefcases, cell phones and laptops that are carried or worn from one place to another.

Disinfectant foggers are particularly effective in transient environments where people are moving in and out, including offices and gyms, even a bus or taxi you take to work. If that destination is a commercial job site or business or government office, serious disinfecting approaches are more necessary than ever. Furthermore, application should be ongoing and consistent to protect all affected.

Foggers, which range from industrial strength to a more limited application, offer a layer of protection through released vapor that settles on and between surfaces on objects of various shapes and sizes.

If a germ can land there via an infected touch or a sneeze, let’s say, the cloud of mist from a fogger can root out the unhealthy invaders and disinfect through what might be described as blanket coverage.

In the case of COVID-19 it doesn’t necessarily require some exotic formula for protection, but common sense and caution are imperative. A thorough hand washing with soap and rinsing, after all, is one of the best things you can do for personal protection aside from avoiding contact with the infected.


Benefits of Disinfectant Foggers…

Foggers sanitize and disinfect, are safe to use and leave no chemical residue or odors— only the aroma of purity and cleanliness. Unlike some cleaning solutions and methods of applications, they are electronics-safe on sensitive surfaces.

Disinfectant foggers can reach where a human hand, cloth, brush or sponge might not. The fog covers everything, disinfecting and deodorizing at the same time.

The mist may be released in low or higher volume and is comprised of miniscule droplets— much like the sneeze of someone carrying a coronavirus. The droplets literally hang in the air and settle on objects in the room as expertly applied by a well-trained and experienced staff.

Naturally, it is critical that we clean before we disinfect and we are very aware of movable objects and personal property in a room like shoes, clothing and file folders that might have been left there.

There are thermal and cold fogging devices which create and releases a mist and a visible fog that hovers and slowly settles on everything on each target area, missing nothing that isn’t totally protected by an exterior layer. They reach where even the persistent professional can’t, even with the most effective cleaning and janitorial materials and equipment.

Direction and volume are controlled by a cleaning pro and can be applied without exposing the user to the contents. Additionally, there are safe and eco-friendly options, but sometimes vanquishing a killing virus or bacteria requires a more comprehensive and proactive approach.

The fog reaches places where that manually applied disinfectants can’t, even though there is a situation and place for both approaches. They are most effective when applied in vacant rooms while employees are not present, which is a typical setting for cleaning crews. If the commercial space is used in multiple shifts, the time for using this process is most effective during non-working hours. There may be delays in returning to the workspace after utilizing fogging disinfectants, so pre-planning and scheduling can be accommodated with a minimum of inconvenience.