Electrostatic Disinfection…

Electrostatic Disinfection…

Why Electrostatic Spray? Because We’ve Got Your Business Covered

When it comes to electrostatic disinfection, as with other blanket approaches like fogging, it is important to remind that cleaning a dirty surface is the critical preliminary step before sanitizing and disinfecting. The former removes a barrier of dirt and grime so you can destroy the real enemy lurking within or beneath— a living purveyor of serious, even deadly, illnesses.

When cleaning a room, you are primarily intent on removing dirt and germs from surfaces, so the last thing you want to do is redistribute them from one place to another in a workplace shared by multiple employees. The process of dusting, whether dry or wet, has the propensity to do just that if not expertly executed.

Electrostatic disinfection is particularly applicable to spaces where germs may be very invasive to the people who occupy them, relative to the work or tasks they perform. Among the most obvious examples are laboratories, schools, hospital waiting rooms and treatment areas.

In the wake of COVID-19, this applies to every sector of an office or shared work environment, as well as every inch of space within, where there is human occupancy and activity. That encompasses active commercial areas such as grocery stores and pharmacies, as well as group residential facilities, described by one public health expert as human petri dishes breeding harmful viruses and bacteria.

As is the case with disinfectant fogging, electrostatic spray mist, if properly administered, covers all surfaces inside a designated room, including floors, ceilings, desktops, office equipment and industrial machinery. It also settles betwixt and between everything in the target area, no matter how divergent their profiles or shapes.

Without getting too technical, we can say that this mist is electrically charged, clinging stubbornly to these surfaces, bonding with the surface, disinfecting any harmful biologic previously there and, finally, repelling subsequent incursions.


Positively Charged Mist Defies Gravity…

We’re talking about evenly coating a surface for the entire 360-degree spectrum if that is the extent of its exposure. The disinfecting solution is positively charged as it is expelled from the nozzle and literally defies gravity by being drawn toward settling on negatively charged surfaces areas with multiple exposures— up, down and in all directions.

Electrostatic spray is often the option chosen for such scenarios. This disinfection technology relies on releasing an electrically charged and atomized mist into a room or office space after being conjoined with the air.

Even though training and experience are important for professional cleaners using electrostatic spray, it does significantly reduce the margin of error for those employing this point-and-shoot misting approach. It doesn’t require a sharpshooter to find the target, but the object is a comprehensive and even application.

This has not only proven effective in destroying viruses and bacteria and discouraging new bio-invaders from taking up residence. It has also been proven effective in eliminating molds, which are fungi and regarded as microbes that can stimulate both bacterial and viral infections.

One of the main benefits of electrostatic disinfectant technology is time— more specifically the lack of it. It can sanitize and disinfect a large area in a much shorter span than other approaches. This is especially important to employers who believe ardently in the refrain “time is money” and the importance of getting back to work as quickly as possible after dealing with contamination or infectious threats to their businesses.

Contagions and the threat of infection in the workplace can be debilitating work stoppers and, by extension, very costly to a business owner in a world where pandemics have become too familiar.