Employees Versus Independent Contractors

Home cleaning services staff themselves in two distinct ways: (1) contractors of various skills and experience levels on a per-job basis and (2) businesses who put their workers on the payroll as employees.

Even though there are excellent prospects for home cleaning services out there on their own as independent contractors, we suggest that, as a general rule, a reputable company with professional cleaners as employees is your best bet. In short, you know what you’re getting.

Here’s the deal. When you hire a contractor or a freelancer to clean your home, it is on your shoulders. When you hire a reputable company like Total Home Cleaning, somebody else who knows the business and how to manage and motivate employees is responsible. That takes the burden off the homeowner, which means less stress and a simpler, more direct channel of communication. No matter what the business, the customer should reap the benefits of a professionally organized and managed business that is not operating under the radar.

There are all kinds of reasons for foregoing an independent contractor in favor of a home cleaning business with employees:

Competitive and Fair Wages and Rates… Think about it. A reputable business has the advantage of attracting the most qualified employees by offering competitive wages through long-term employment. That means we can offer our customers competitive rates with trained and experienced professionals cleaning their homes.

The Best Equipment and Cleaning Products… A reputable, long-established business benefits from having the best equipment and purchasing the best products, including green cleaning, Established businesses whose employees receive regular paychecks know how to budget and plan ahead and that always benefits the customer.

Your Government Knows Who and Where We Are… Legally registered businesses with business licenses are known in their municipalities and counties and are compliant to their regulations. That means we are more credible, stable and with a higher profile than independent home cleaners who are not real businesses.

Everyone Can See Who and What We Are… Most cleaning businesses, including Total Home Cleaning, have user-friendly websites and make sure you have all the information you need about our services, what our customers think of us and our reliability and credibility as a business.

Bonded, Insured Employees Guarantee Your Protection… As registered businesses with employees, home cleaning companies hold themselves responsible and liable across the board for the work their employees perform. In the event of damage or mistakes, the customer is protected.

Training Keeps Us on the Cutting Edge… A home cleaning company wants experienced and educated employees. It benefits us in the services we perform, as well as financially, to train and update our employees on the procedures and technology in the business.

Those are just a few reasons, but a big reason to choose a home cleaning company with employees, is that we are experts at communicating with customers and scheduling the specific cleaning they want and need at the right price.