How Much Should A NJ Post-Construction Cleaning Cost?

How Much Should A NJ Post-Construction Cleaning Cost?

I was on a Facebook page recently, where someone asked this question.   Before answering the question, a few things need to be considered.   Namely, the key factors that drive the cost…How big is the home?   Were floors sanded or drywall installed?   What areas were affected?   Is it all new construction?   Was there furniture in the home and if so, how much of the personal belongings were affected?  In a furnished home, will you want the cleaners to go through individual items and wash them?

Okay, that is more than a few things.   And, I know you.   You want the bottom line – some ranges to work with.   Typically, a detailed cleaning of an empty home that had kitchen and bathroom remodeling and is about 2000 square feet would run between $750 and $1,100.  An occupied home may cost more depending on the furnishings and the client’s expectations.   You may want the clothes in a closet vacuumed, toys individually cleaned and washed.   That all adds to the work.    This includes detail cleaning all areas of the home but not cleaning ductwork.    Cleaning the ducts which I would recommend after a major renovation is another $350 to $500.

Ultimately, the biggest driver of cost will be the square footage of the home and the level of detail to be delivered.  So, how do you know what you can expect for what you are paying and whether the value fits your expectations?  There are several questions that will guide your decisions around cost… Is there a detailed checklist of what they will do? Are they insured should one of the surfaces be damaged? How long have they done post-construction cleanings?  How are their products, supplies and training different for post-construction?    For example, is it the same vacuum or a Hepa filtration used.

There will be companies or individuals who will charge significantly less than others.  The expected time to get the job done can be a predictor of what you can expect.   Getting multiple quotes and asking the same questions will help you compare value.  Don’t forget to ask for client referrals.  The best cleaning services will have five-star reviews and referrals.

The price is too high?  Consider being flexible on the timing of the cleaning.  Mondays tend to be slower days for most cleaning companies.  Consider skipping certain areas that might be easier for you to do.  Inside kitchen cabinetry tends to add a lot of time to the cleaning and thus could bring the cost down if you wanted to take it on.

In the realm of residential cleaning, nowhere does Ben Franklin’s quote apply more ‘The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.’  When you are about to move-in and the inside of the medicine chest is still dusty  – you want to be able to call on that company to make things right.  Make sure there is a process and a guarantee.