How to Identify and Communicate Your Home Cleaning Needs

How to Identify and Communicate Your Home Cleaning Needs

Regular housekeeping services are a great way to reduce your daily workload. However, it can be tough to get exactly what you want. When the standard procedure isn’t enough, use these tips to make sure your next professional home cleaner visit is just right.

Speak Up

Make your priorities known from the beginning to get the best results.

  • Tell them about your situation. Are you moving in or out of a residence? Do you need a hand with restoring your home after an extended visitor? Do you only need upholstery cleaning services? Let your cleaning service representative know what you’re looking for from the start.
  • Talk about special needs. Let your representative know if your household has pets, suffers from allergies or chemical sensitives, or you simply prefer environmentally-friendly supplies.
  • Tell them your history. Were you dissatisfied with a cleaning company before? Let your representative know what went wrong the first time so they can be sure it doesn’t happen again.

Communicate openly with your representatives to get the most out of your housecleaning experience.

Write It Down

Keep a visual record of your requests and desires to keep everyone on the same page.

  • Make a list of what you want to see done. Mention specific pieces of furniture, preferred arrangements, and any special precautions cleaners should take.
  • Know what your cleaning company has to offer. Review service offerings to see if what you want is included in your package. If not, don’t be afraid to ask if it can be done.
  • Read your contract before you accept services. Understand what happens if you skip a cleaning. Are there any guarantees if you are not happy?

Finally, choose a company that offers multiple services to ensure they can do the job you need. With Total Home Cleaning, you can get window cleaning services, laundry folding, and other unique needs taken care of from one local source. What housecleaning chores do you need help with? Let us know!