Spring Cleaning Motivation

Spring Cleaning Motivation

Getting Motivated for Spring Cleaning

Sometimes it seems that it takes forever for spring to arrive, no matter what the calendar tells us. Mother Nature teases us with sunshine and spring-like temperatures one day and then the cold and gray of late winter the next. The greatest motivation to get serious about spring cleaning, it may seem, is the assurance that spring is indeed at your doorstep. Even then, you might be distracted by the nice weather and the hard work that goes into a deep cleaning making it the last thing you want to do.

We do know that most of us are serious about spring cleaning, whether through do-it-yourself efforts or home cleaning professionals like those you’ll find at Total Home Cleaning. We are so committed to helping people achieve a healthy home environment that you can always come to our website for expert advice. 

We wanted to dig in and see what really motivates all of us to get our homes cleaned in spring. Enter a mid-March poll by the American Cleaning Institute (ACI).  By the way, the poll showed that three out of four households in this country make the effort to spring clean every year!

Pandemic Increased Healthy Home Concerns

The percentage was up to 78% in early spring 2022— an impressive ten percent increase from the year before—and it is clear that Covid and resultant home sheltering had an impact on keeping the home front (and back) healthy and as germ-free as possible.    

According to another poll on behalf of ACI, which is committed to “advancing the health and quality of life” of Americans and protecting the planet through that effort, the most stated motivation to get into spring cleaning is a concern for the health of members of the household and those who come as visitors and guests. That’s according to detailed findings in polling by Ipsos, a global leader in marketing research. Seventy-one percent of people polled cited a “healthy home environment” as their greatest motivation for a thorough top-to-bottom house cleaning.

Coming in a close second at 69 percent as a spring cleaning motivation was “keeping the home free of dirt and grime,” which, of course, is closely related to home health. Next come two reasons that, as any homeowner or renter might attest, that come under the headings of the impressions of those who enter your home environment from the outside world. 

How many times have you visited the home of a friend or neighbor and heard, “You’ll have to pardon the mess” or something to that effect?

Although 52 percent say they are spurred on to a thorough spring cleaning by the following question: “What will visitors think?” But that’s only motivating reason number four. Number three, cited by 68 percent of poll respondents, is that they will always be ready for gatherings. Hosting a gathering is a lot easier and less stressful if you don’t have to devote valuable preparation time to basic household cleaning. 

Despite all these motivational reasons to get your home deep cleaned, the tasks can be daunting for one or two members o the household.  Consider getting the whole family to pitch in.  If that’s still not a solution reach out to the professionals.