Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning
Spring cleaning is good for your home, health and overall well-being! Check out these tips for the deep annual clean.

The first step of spring cleaning is to make a checklist and a schedule of what to clean and when. Try to include the areas of your house that don’t usually get attention like ceiling fans, lamp shades, the space behind your fridge, etc.

Recruit family members to tackle the tough jobs like cleaning out the garage and landscaping the yards. Competition always makes everything more fun, so divide up in teams and see who finishes their chores first! Listening to music is always a great motivator too.

Take pride in your hard work! A clean home is a happier, healthier home and well worth the work. This article from MedicineNet.com lists the benefits a good spring cleaning can have on your health. Here are some of tips we found most helpful:
Thoroughly dust your home and clean air filters, ducts and vents to decrease your family’s exposure to allergens.
Remove toxic trash from your home, this includes old and/or expired cleaning products, paint cans, and batteries. Remember to properly dispose of these items at hazardous waste centers!
Clean mold and mildew from damp areas with non-toxic cleaners.
Also remember to donate any items you no longer need and recycle everything that you can.

After you finish reward yourself with some new green décor, like these eco-friendly accessories from Pottery Barn!

And of course, have us here at Total Home Cleaning come by regularly to maintain your clean home!