Staying green and eco friendly around your home.

Want some easy ways to save energy and save money? Check out this list!


Stop using hot water in your washing machine.

There are now detergents that are formulated to work in cold water. Although you may feel like you’re not getting the same amount of cleaning power from cold water just remember that the detergent is doing most of the cleaning work anyways. By switching to cold water washes you are not using the most expensive and energy consuming part of the washing cycle.




Stop vampire power from sucking your energy savings.

Did you know that any plugged in device will still draw power from the wall? Any appliance that you’re not using or have off anyways should be unplugged. Vampire power has cost the US 7 billion dollars in wasted energy. If you want to avoid having to continually plug devices in and out you can purchase smart power strips that cut down vampire power.



Look for the ENERGY STAR®

Whenever you need to replace a home appliance reach for a product that carries the Energy Star certification. An Energy Star thermostat saves 1-3%, light bulbs .2% for each bulb per hour, You can even replace your windows to be Energy Star certified! That can lead to a 10% energy saving.