To Mop or Not to Mop?

Three Reasons to Avoid the Mop & Bucket Routine

Even though we all grew up with the idea that mopping is an essential part of cleaning, the time has come for us to revisit that idea. Here are our top three reasons to do away with the traditional mop whether you are doing the cleaning yourself or hiring someone else to do it. You can skip to the conclusion and see the best way to get the job done without the traditional mop.

#1 The Yuck Factor

If you own a traditional string mop and bucket, you may have noticed a nasty smell coming from the mop. That’s typically a sign of bacterial growth yielding a smell that should alert you to its existence. Even if you rinse the water you are using, the fact that the strings remain at best damp for a long period of time creates the ideal opportunity for bacterial growth. The situation worsens if you are using a service that uses a string mop because the mop was used in another environment before entering your home, thus creating the possibility for cross-contamination between homes. An alternative is a mop that can be thoroughly washed and dried after every use.

#2 Inappropriate Use of the Mop

Wood floors should be cleaned with as little water as possible. So here are some thoughts to help you decide. If you have muddy paws or little muddy shoes running through the house, you should use a damp mop after vacuuming. You may even need a wet mop. If your floors get very little wear – there are only two of you in the home and no pets, then just swiffer them and/or vacuum them with a horse hair attachment.

#3 A Wax Finish

Wood floors that have a wax finish rather than a polyurethane finish should never be mopped. Period. Using a wet or damp mop on a wax finish compromises the finish and would require a new wax application.

With all this in mind, your best bet is to mop with a flat mop that uses bonnets rather than a string mop. The bonnets can easily be washed after cleaning and you can have as many as you need for each floor. Mop bonnets can be dampened easily with a spray bottle rather than soaked. When you come across a stuck-on mess just do a spot clean by hand. All this should keep your wood floors beautiful for years to come.