Why You Need Post Construction Cleaning Services

Why You Need Post Construction Cleaning Services

You’ve endured weeks of noise, dirt, and inconvenience from a renovation. That new kitchen, bedroom, or roof looks amazing. The builders, however, left behind more than a great space. Everything from the ceiling to the floor is coated in dust. Construction dust can contain molds, bacteria, and particles that damage your health. Save time and sanity after your Livingston, New Jersey home renovation with post construction cleaning services.

Professional, Knowledgeable, Helpful

Remove pathogens from your wood, antique, and upholstered furnishings without risk of damage with experienced cleaning services. Professional home cleaners know which chemicals, tools, and cleaning methods work best for finer fabrics and finishes.

What You Get with Post Construction Cleaning Services

Cleaning teams come to your Summit or Livingston home to restore hygienic standards before your family moves back in. This includes:

– Vacuuming with HEPA filters to reduce airborne organisms.
– Detailing chandeliers, ceiling fans, windowsills, and wall fixtures.
– Use various methods to ensure every surface is free of debris.
– Dust removal from all surfaces, shelving, and inside cabinets.
– Mopping and vacuuming linoleum, wood, and tile floors.

At Total Home Cleaning, our standard process includes multiple vacuuming sessions followed by wet and dry dusting.

How Post Construction Cleaning Services Benefit You

– You have enough to do. Save your time for unpacking and rearranging while the professionals struggle with the dust.
– Construction residue can aggravate allergies and respiratory problems. Getting a professional cleaning reduces the chances of harmful stuff being left behind.
– Look at your busy lifestyle. Chances are good that you’ll need some extra cleaning help in the future. Hiring a post-construction team gives you the opportunity to assess a potential long-term partnership.

After completing your home renovation, give yourself time to enjoy your new space with post construction cleaning services. Wondering how you can fit these services into your budget? Contact the Total Home Cleaning representatives for a cost estimate.